Shinichirō Watanabe

A New Year of Anime-2014!

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So 2013 is almost over and 2014 is almost here-meaning more anime! I’m pretty sure every anime fan is excited for Space Dandy for several reasons. Firstly it is directed by the same guy who did Cowboy Bebop-Shinichiro Watanabe and secondly it is premiering in the  US FIRST WITH AN ENGLISH DUB! OMG! I also can’t wait for the F/SN remake by ufotable, because even if Shiro is still annoying as hell at least it look gorgeous! Psycho Pass Season 2 is coming next year, which I’m very interested in whether it gets better or worse as Gen Urobuchi has never done a sequel for his works before. I’m also really hyped to watch Madoka Magica Movie 3- Rebellion to see how it goes from the conclusion of the series ( sadly wont be able to watch it this year). Can’t wait for 2014!