Log Horizon- First Impressions

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lgSo Log Horizon, or according to every fanboy on the internet ‘the SAO ripoff’, is a new anime that has been airing this season. After watching the first several episodes, I can honestly say this is nothing like SAO. I really didn’t go into Log Horizon with that high expectations (did that with SAO and what that turned out to be). I’ll admit that the 1st episode didn’t draw me in that much, but after the next few episodes, I really enjoy it. The tone for Log Horizon is quite different to SAO, being less serious, but I think it actually helps LG. It’s really fun, as it’s more about adventuring, but with some dark elements, which seem to be coming in.  The 3 main characters are really fun to watch, Shiroe, is a unique protagonist, relying on his brains, rather then pure strength ( a plus in my books), Naotsugu, the comic relief character, and Akatsuki, the cute badass assassin.

I think gamers will really like this anime, especially the MMO players, it’s start off slow, but so far it’s really good. I say give it the 3 episode rule! If you want to watch Log Horizon, you can watch it legally on Crunchyroll.