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From this season I’ve been watching the obvious Space Dandy & Buddy Complex. I’ve seen the first 2 Space Dandy & of course dubbed! I’ve got to say I’m really enjoying it. The animation has this style to it. It seems classy but new at the same time. It’s giving me the Bebop feel and there’s nothing wrong with that while not feeling like a complete Bebop carbon copy which I like. Also the dub is amazing and the script writers and voice actors are really having fun with it. THERE’S A TOY STORY & GOOGLE REFERENCE!
Then there’s Buddy Complex which I thought was going to be just another mecha show. Well I’m right and wrong with that statement. It is a mecha show with two sides, someone did this, next thing a wars going on and another brown haired protagonist but there’s a slight twist and if you want to know what that twist is you have to go watch it. Buddy Complex isn’t the best ever nor is it the worst but it sure is great and it may have tropes but the execution of it all makes it enjoyable for me.
Also I will eventually get around to watching Noragami.
If you want to watch Space Dandy and you live in the USA you can watch it on toonami, funimation’s official YouTube channel. In Australia you can watch it on the Madman Screening Room.
You cab watch Buddy Complex on Funimation’s website if you live in the USA or if you live worldwide you can watch it on Daisuki.

So Valvrave….

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Valvrave the Liberator one of the most controversial anime from 2013 (especially for that one scene) has finished. I’ve got to say after completing the second part I just love it even more. This series has so many flaws, the plot, characters, the pacing but for me it was entertaining and I don’t know why but for the first time in forever I could just overlook all these flaws and just have fun and enjoy the ride. The second season was a lot better than the first in terms of story, characters and fight scenes but the ending was definitely rushed L it needed for episodes. L-elf was my favourite character in the first part and he became even more amazing in the second part, just continuously amazing me. Then there’s Saki, anyone that didn’t like in the first part would convert to a Saki lover. L-elf, Saki, and the craziness of valvrave, made the second part of valvrave AMAZING. It may use all the mecha tropes and people may hate it, but hey it’s one hell of a ride!

A New Year of Anime-2014!

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So 2013 is almost over and 2014 is almost here-meaning more anime! I’m pretty sure every anime fan is excited for Space Dandy for several reasons. Firstly it is directed by the same guy who did Cowboy Bebop-Shinichiro Watanabe and secondly it is premiering in the  US FIRST WITH AN ENGLISH DUB! OMG! I also can’t wait for the F/SN remake by ufotable, because even if Shiro is still annoying as hell at least it look gorgeous! Psycho Pass Season 2 is coming next year, which I’m very interested in whether it gets better or worse as Gen Urobuchi has never done a sequel for his works before. I’m also really hyped to watch Madoka Magica Movie 3- Rebellion to see how it goes from the conclusion of the series ( sadly wont be able to watch it this year). Can’t wait for 2014!

Log Horizon- First Impressions

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lgSo Log Horizon, or according to every fanboy on the internet ‘the SAO ripoff’, is a new anime that has been airing this season. After watching the first several episodes, I can honestly say this is nothing like SAO. I really didn’t go into Log Horizon with that high expectations (did that with SAO and what that turned out to be). I’ll admit that the 1st episode didn’t draw me in that much, but after the next few episodes, I really enjoy it. The tone for Log Horizon is quite different to SAO, being less serious, but I think it actually helps LG. It’s really fun, as it’s more about adventuring, but with some dark elements, which seem to be coming in.  The 3 main characters are really fun to watch, Shiroe, is a unique protagonist, relying on his brains, rather then pure strength ( a plus in my books), Naotsugu, the comic relief character, and Akatsuki, the cute badass assassin.

I think gamers will really like this anime, especially the MMO players, it’s start off slow, but so far it’s really good. I say give it the 3 episode rule! If you want to watch Log Horizon, you can watch it legally on Crunchyroll.

1st Post

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Hey so this is my 1st post. I’m going to blog mostly about anime, other related stuff, and perhaps games.Image