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Ufotable’s New Fate/Stay Night Anime

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ImageSo I’m a fate fan, well of Fate/Zero, FSN not so much, well the anime anyways, and no I haven’t read the Visual Novel ( don’t have the time, okay maybe I do I just can’t be bothered), but I have skimmed through the wiki pages, and glanced at the other two routes, also every single Fate/Stay Night VN fan on the god dam internet has told me the other routes are way better, and Shirou is more badass. So I was pretty hyped for an adaption of the other routes. Most people were expecting it to be Heaven’s Feel. Well apparently, according to some article I read, it might not be of HF and instead be the Fate route again. So I’m slightly disappointed but I honestly really don’t mind because it’s ufotable adapating it not studio deen, so I expect it to be great and look amazing! No matter which route they adapt, I have faith ufotable will be able to pull it off! 🙂  – Also I need to watch Kara no Kyoukai!

1st Post

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Hey so this is my 1st post. I’m going to blog mostly about anime, other related stuff, and perhaps games.Image