Month: March 2014

This season’s anime

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From this season I’ve been watching the obvious Space Dandy & Buddy Complex. I’ve seen the first 2 Space Dandy & of course dubbed! I’ve got to say I’m really enjoying it. The animation has this style to it. It seems classy but new at the same time. It’s giving me the Bebop feel and there’s nothing wrong with that while not feeling like a complete Bebop carbon copy which I like. Also the dub is amazing and the script writers and voice actors are really having fun with it. THERE’S A TOY STORY & GOOGLE REFERENCE!
Then there’s Buddy Complex which I thought was going to be just another mecha show. Well I’m right and wrong with that statement. It is a mecha show with two sides, someone did this, next thing a wars going on and another brown haired protagonist but there’s a slight twist and if you want to know what that twist is you have to go watch it. Buddy Complex isn’t the best ever nor is it the worst but it sure is great and it may have tropes but the execution of it all makes it enjoyable for me.
Also I will eventually get around to watching Noragami.
If you want to watch Space Dandy and you live in the USA you can watch it on toonami, funimation’s official YouTube channel. In Australia you can watch it on the Madman Screening Room.
You cab watch Buddy Complex on Funimation’s website if you live in the USA or if you live worldwide you can watch it on Daisuki.