Month: February 2014

So Valvrave….

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Valvrave the Liberator one of the most controversial anime from 2013 (especially for that one scene) has finished. I’ve got to say after completing the second part I just love it even more. This series has so many flaws, the plot, characters, the pacing but for me it was entertaining and I don’t know why but for the first time in forever I could just overlook all these flaws and just have fun and enjoy the ride. The second season was a lot better than the first in terms of story, characters and fight scenes but the ending was definitely rushed L it needed for episodes. L-elf was my favourite character in the first part and he became even more amazing in the second part, just continuously amazing me. Then there’s Saki, anyone that didn’t like in the first part would convert to a Saki lover. L-elf, Saki, and the craziness of valvrave, made the second part of valvrave AMAZING. It may use all the mecha tropes and people may hate it, but hey it’s one hell of a ride!