Month: December 2013

A New Year of Anime-2014!

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So 2013 is almost over and 2014 is almost here-meaning more anime! I’m pretty sure every anime fan is excited for Space Dandy for several reasons. Firstly it is directed by the same guy who did Cowboy Bebop-Shinichiro Watanabe and secondly it is premiering in the  US FIRST WITH AN ENGLISH DUB! OMG! I also can’t wait for the F/SN remake by ufotable, because even if Shiro is still annoying as hell at least it look gorgeous! Psycho Pass Season 2 is coming next year, which I’m very interested in whether it gets better or worse as Gen Urobuchi has never done a sequel for his works before. I’m also really hyped to watch Madoka Magica Movie 3- Rebellion to see how it goes from the conclusion of the series ( sadly wont be able to watch it this year). Can’t wait for 2014!

Thoughts on Pokemon X

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So I recently finished playing Pokemon X, and it was great. This really is pokemon at its best. This game is a improvement over anything from last gen (black/white, black2/white2). All Pokemon are now 3D cell shaded and they look really good. I was skeptical over the transition due to the Pokedex 3ds app, where the pokemon looked ugly and I am glad to proven wrong. It seems like Gamefreak went with the complete opposite approach to Black and White, with having a small number of new Pokemon, combined with Pokemon from all the other regions before beating the league, instead of all brand new Pokemon until beating the league. That was a great idea. Less is more right? THE POKEMON IN X AND Y ACTUALLY ARE COOL AND CUTE, NOT STUPID RUBBISH BAGS AND ICE CREAM CONES! The new addition of the fairy type has evened the playing field against dragon types ( sadly now my awesome dragons get owned by fairies 😦 ). Another addition is mega evolution, when Pokemon temporarily evolve again, change appearance, and gain new stats or even a new type. I have to admit I thought it was stupid and it was just like a Digimon rip off when I saw it in the trailers, but after actually using mega evos, it’s actually really fun, and you can only mega evolve once per battle. I was hoping that X would have an awesome story like B/W ( the one good thing about B/W), but it was fine for a pokemon game. I was also hoping for an actual rival again like Silver, but no we get that guy who is ‘oh can I have a battle please, friend, neigbourino’, but again it’s still fine. The new overall design and same gameplay is enough, as it was a really fun Pokemon Game, and one of the best! This is definitely the best game on the 3DS system, and that 2 year wait for that Pokemon Game on the 3DS was totally worth it!